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La grande maison is a marvellous house that you can rent for a group up to 10 persons. If more space is needed, you can also rent the smaller house next to it, so that a group of 14 people can be accommodated (see page Guesthouses).

In summer you walk along a wealth of hydrangeas and roses to the big house. The spacious living room is decorated in good taste and has a fireplace, a large sitting area with three sofas and a long French dining table with ten chairs. Furthermore, there is a piano and in the antique cupboards you’ll find an extensive set of glassware and crockery. The house has central heating.

The kitchen is equipped with a large stainless stee cooker, including a big oven and a cooker hood. There is also a combined fridge/freezer, a dishwasher, a coffeemachine (Nespresso and a 'normal one), a second electric oven and full cooking utensils.

The four bedrooms are situated on the second floor, each with its own bathroom, toilet, washbasin and shower (see page Guestrooms). The rooms are all very attractive; the walls of natural stone and the big French beams of the plafonds françaises are conserved. The rooms are tastefully decorated and have central heating.

From the living room you step onto the terrace, the stepping stone to the big garden with its beautiful old trees and nice sits. For the little ones there is a small inflatable pool, a sandbox, a slide and swings.

When lying in your deck chair in this spacious garden of 3300 m2 you’ll enjoy the beautiful views, the gently sloping hills and the extraordinary skies. You’ll certainly see a roe frolicking nearby and nature lovers will indulge themselves in the great ecologic diversity of this nature reserve. After the sunset in all thinkable shades of red and purple, you’ll see the twinkling lights of the city of Château Chinon (at 8 km).

In order for our houses to be accessible to everyone, we have decided that no pets will be allowed on our property. We also kindly ask you not to smoke inside our houses.

Guesthouses with Charme in the Morvan, the green heart of Burgundy!
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