Welcome in the Morvan, the green heart of Burgundy


The Regional Park “Le Morvan” is the heart of Burgundy, recognisable by its lovely scenery, its woods and dreamy valleys. The fast-flowing rivers are popular with anglers and people who like to kayak. The vast lakes are a true paradise for aquatic sports enthusiasts.

The Morvan seems an enormous plateau. Its rolling landscape changes gradually towards the South into the peaks of Mount Beuvray (821 m) with its Gallic settlement and museum, Mount Prénelay (855 m), the Massif du Bois du Roi and the Haut Folin (901 m).

The magnificent nature tempts the visitor to go for a walk or a ride on a bicycle, motorbike or horse.

Golf courses can be found in Nevers, Saulieu and Autun.

Scenic routes lead to Autun, Beaune, and also to Vézélay, with its famous Basilique St. Madeleine, its old cobblestone streets and beautiful Medieval buildings. Yearly hundreds of  pilgrims arrive here to get hold of a stamp for their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella.
Autun also has a rich past, of which the Cathedral, the museums and the remnants from Ancient Rome are silent witnesses.

Driving from Autun to Beaune you’ll see many little villages surrounded by vast vineyards and castles, i.e. Nolay, Meursault, Pommard and many others.

All these cities and villages have their own weekly markets, brocantes and music festivals.

The Morvan has a particularly rich plant and animal life. In early spring there is an abundance of flowering daffodils, wood anemones, primroses, lesser celandines etc. In summer, thanks to the limy soil, you’ll see wild orchids and fields full of blue cornflowers.

During your trips you can encounter lots of wild animals, among them is the rare European wild cat. The bird-watcher may indulge himself in the numerous birds of prey and songbirds.

Gîtes de Charme en Morvan,the green heart of Burgundy !
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